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Download Tzar: The Burden of The Crown

Size to download: 205.96 MB. Version: v 1.10 ENG | 1.0 rus [new version]

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Memory: 64 MB
Processor: Pentium II / Celeron
Storage: 200 MB
Graphics: DirectX compatible (1024x768 High Color)
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2000
Developer: Haemimont Games
Version: v 1.10 ENG | 1.0 rus [new version]

Tzar: The Burden of the Crown - Strategy in the medieval entourage, where you need to destroy castles and households of neighboring kingdoms. In a single campaign, the gamer performs various tasks directed both to the attack of other people's fortresses and to protect their citadel. It is possible to create your own missions in the map editor.

In the game fire and sword exist 3 races:

  • Europeans have army from knights, shooters and crusaders. Their magicians are shooting with lightning and freezing spells, and also call on golems. The advantages of this race are more expensive units represented by the strongest sea fleet and siege guns.
  • Arabs possess the best magical sangs. Meteoric rains - mass spells, destroying crowds of enemies and buildings from large distances. Yanychars and Gina fought on their side. Aircraft carpets are used as vehicles that transport paratroopers. The economy keeps at a good level due to a special building, where any artifacts are cracked, including weapons and shields.
  • Asians have samurai and chariots, which are distinguished by an increased margin of HP and force. Mages are able to call for dragons, one of the strongest units in the game. 2 types of monks are able to transmit experience to other units. For defense there is a tower that shoots missiles for long distances.
Hiking units move more slowly than cavalry. Battles are conducted not only on Earth, but also on the water. In the breaks between the battles you need to work farming and produce resources: wood, gold, food and stone. Materials are used to build new buildings, edible supplies feed the army and population. On the battlefield, fantastic creatures are called: skeletons, ghosts, orcs and gnomes. All races have Hilers who treat allies.

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