Download Imperivm RTC: HD Edition - "Great Battles of Rome" PC GAME 2021

Download Imperivm RTC: HD Edition - & quot; Great Battles of Rome & quot;

Size to download: 1.37 GB. Version: Full Last Release

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Memory: 2 GB
Processor: Intel Core Duo
Storage: 1.5 GB
Graphics: HD Graphics
OS: 7 / 8/10
Year: 2021
Developer: Dinamic Games, Imperivm World
Version: Full Last Release

In the Strategic game Imperivm RTC: HD Edition - "Great Battles of Rome" need to lead the greatest empire to conquer all existing civilizations. 7 powers available: Rome, Egypt, Britain, Germany, Gallium, Spain and Carthage. Each fraction has its own unique characteristics, construction and units.

All powers have their own leader, including Julius Caesar, August, Cleopatra, Hannibal, Queen Bladikka, Versingetorix, Viriat, Armin and many others. Heroes own personal charisma and individual skills in battle. Actions Imperivm RTC: HD Edition - Great Battles of Rome develop in real time. The main focus of mechanics makes resource collection, army training and military. Present role-playing elements.

Battles occur due to the huge number of units on the battlefield. However, it is important not only the number of soldiers, but also a competent order of military resources. The key role plays how the player knows how to build a strategy and think ahead. You can fight on duoral maps, participate in battles 2 by 2, 3 to 3 and 4 to 4. Available Multiplayer, designed for 8 players.

Total presented 90 unique warriors. On one map may be up to 5,000 combat units. Additional mode allows you to create your own cards. There is also a mode of fast fights that do not require monitor the storyline. The plot relies on historical facts. Would you have to see the landing in Africa 204 g. to N.NS., Pass the siege of Numancia 134 g. N.NS., Take part in the battle of Aveksi in 52 of our era and much more.

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