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Memory: 8 GB
Processor: i5 6300u
Storage: 8 GB
Graphics: GT 1030
OS: Windows 7 / 8/10 (64-bit)
Year: 2020
Developer: Sensiga
Version: Full Last Release

Godking: Master of Rituals is a global step-by-step strategy. Fantasy world is divided into hexagons. Maps are generated by Randomno. Monster detachments, artifacts, chests, buildings are placed at them randomly. The user acts as an awakened king-god. You can take one of the 10 divine incarnations with your passive skills and the story chosen to victory.

In godking: Master of Rituals There are 8 fractions:

  • Mercing - the kingdom of people famous for their armored knights;
  • Combined tribes - one more representatives of humanity (they decided to conduct the way of life of the barbarians);
  • Black bog - relying on slaves and magic of goblins;
  • Alfendor is the state of the elves, which is considered the first major community of this race;
  • Returns - Nekromanta Community, Skeleton Army Managing;
  • Kaoset is the essence of chaos capable of submitting in the appearance of the substances connected by a single mind;
  • Scaly - Unification of clans of human-like lizards who have conquered the sea;
  • Imperatus - spreading the plague predatory.
Each party has its own set of units, a selection of spells, technology of technology and even gameplay. All fighters have different skills. Troops and cities need to be developed. When two armies face or someone starts the siege, the battle mode turns on. Battles pass automatically. Warriors go and choose their own purposes for the attack on their own. The player can only affect their placement. It is possible to speed up the fight or cancel its demonstration, immediately passing to the study of statistics. To defeat a specific fraction, you need to capture her capital.

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