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Year: 2015

Genre: FPS

Developer: The Bricky Blues

Size: 774 Mb

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Free download SuperHot torrent. A fascinating and unique computer gaming product, which is called SuperHot, and belongs to the genre of action-shooter. It contains elements of the puzzle game mechanics innovative process, presented in the form of stopping time, and other elements. Its development for a long time engaged in the most talented developers of the game studio. Allow yourself to be embodied in the image of Neo, being in the Matrix. You will be able to dodge the bullets aimed at you. Fans of non-standard indie games will be able to enjoy all the sights of this exciting game, if you decide to play SuperHot torrent download. To this end, we propose to use the possibilities of our gaming site. And then we want to touch on some of the details that concern the game, and is characterized by its technical side.

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The first thing you notice when starting the game, it's graphics. The yoke is embedded engine Unity Engine, through which the gaming product is obtained in a simple, undemanding. If we talk about the environment in the game, it is presented in a minimalist style. There are only gray corridors, and opponent's pieces in red. Also, the use of this engine in the game allows you to run it, not having access to the Internet. In any place, at the right time for you, you will be able to play, escape and have a good time. Fans of indie simple toys with the presence of three-dimensional graphics, a large number of special effects can play SuperHot download via torrent. And our resource will perform it for free, with the least expenditure of time. Now we want to touch the mechanics and gameplay. It is he who makes the game unique, unusual. Your hero has no name, and he will appear in the game in most cases, disarmed, without guns. But he has a kind of unique ability - stop time. If you move in the game, and the time will move. Using the keyboard and mouse, you can speed up the passage of time, and if the stop character, and the time stops with him. This feature is very helpful in some situations, when you need to dodge bullets, such as the Matrix. In addition to being in the game acts as the main genre shooter, still very much present puzzles. There are different levels, each of which you have to perform different tasks. In principle, the main action will be taking away your weapon at enemies, destroying them. However, as you progress in the game, your task will be complicated. you will often come across the fact that you should start from the beginning, and very quickly reach certain heights in the game. To see for yourself all the advantages of the gameplay, enjoy other features of the game, you need to download via torrent SuperHot. Very fast and convenient for you to do it, using the services of our game portal. Therefore, start an exciting game, and have fun.

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 2,40 GHz
Video card: GeForce GTX 650 (1024 MB Ram)
Disk Space: 3 GB

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