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Size to download: 46 Mb. Version: V Build 29.05.2021

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Memory: 1.5 GB
Processor: 1.2 ghz or better
Storage: 40 Mb
Graphics: 256 MB
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2018
Developer: Aivaras Klimas
Version: V Build 29.05.2021

Six - Side Scroller, where the player is assigned the role of the captain of a powerful spacecraft that gives the advancing enemies. The camera is located on the side, which limits the gamier maneuver only two dimensions. Graphically, this project preaches a minimalist style, which is expressed in a small number of parts and their weak detail, to concentrate attention on the action itself occurring on the screen. Passage does not take too much time, but also go for an hour "Sector six" Also impossible.

The plot introduces a player with the future, in which the main enemy of the human race is robots created many years ago by the people themselves. Due to the technological process, they found their own, free mind that does not want to obey any whims of organic bodies of their inventors, those who gave them life. Ostrift, robots began to press in quantities, and human civilization suffers one defeat after another in fierce battles. The protagonist will have to bring fresh forces on the battlefields and turn the situation in favor of people, by the set of rallers with the aim of the total destruction of all riotering mechanisms.

As it turns out, modifications will be opened for the ship. They will improve individual vessel modules, and not everything is immediately, which makes it necessary planning and clear understanding, which bonuses are needed under a certain style of game Game. If it breaks through too much - you need to purchase upgrades for the shield and cosmole cover, if weak damage is noticeable by numerous enemies - it is better to spend money in each individual gun installed on the housing to increase firepone.

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