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Satellite Reign

game Satellite Reign torrent download Satellite Reign

Year: 2014

Genre: Strategy

Developer: 5 Lives Studios

Size: 644 Mb

Download Satellite Reign

Free download Satellite Reign torrent. Computer game Satellite Reign can be considered the spiritual successor of Series Syndicate games. If you understand what it is about, then you understand the essence of the game. Working on the development of the game is not very well-known studio 5 Lives. The first version is available to users in December 2014. Changes in it are made regularly, and when will be completed - not yet known. Developed game for a number of computer operating systems.

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Download torrent Satellite Reign will be lovers of strategies and tactical games, and role-playing, because here are all present in full. Will act in real time to and from your thinking bude rate much depend. The player will have to monitor and manage the Quartet agents who work for a secret organization. This organization acts counter to giant corporations, have taken under his authority all that is possible. Agents have their own opinion on all issues, but it does not mean that they will do so, whatever the residents. There are several different lines of conduct.

Events unfolding in the city.
Metropolis, where there will be all of the events presented in the style of cyberpunk, and is a work of art. There are many opportunities for different activities. To help agents even infrastructure can be communication lines or other of its constituents. Also, to achieve the goal, you must learn to control the mind of all people, know how to manage it, which is performed well through propaganda. All four characters are very unique. The first of them - a computer specialist, owns the second deadly techniques of high power. The third agent is always silently attacks, and the last - Specialist in covering. Choose them you will do, and you need to develop their skills and abilities based on their tactics and taste. All will enable a number of ways to solve the problem of the game. A special moment in the game is that users can write their own, original game scenario, which even the creators do not know anything. Combining a huge number of elements, you get an amazing game.
Computer game Satellite Reign is characterized, above all, non-linearity. You do not get tips and hints on what to do next. Fully all depends on the user. For example, you sometimes better to give money for scientists to be the first to receive new technology and use it against enemies. Or steal wealthy person having an impact on certain structures or humans. Getting to the game, you'd better leave at once familiar opinions, actions and everything else outside. Important here imagination, originality, lack of labels and clichés.

Features Satellite Reign
Syndicate is now presented in a new way, and exactly adheres to new technologies and meets the standards.

To successfully complete the game, you have to learn to manage just four characters of different talents and disposition, and connect them to opportunities and to send a single channel. In another way, you will not succeed.

Influence and change the infrastructure, control consciousness of the metropolis citizens. Work is invisible, like a shadow, destroy enemies.

Now the city is in the style of cyberpunk open. All areas are different and differ from each other. Despite their differences, they still interact with each other.

You can be on the side of the people and their interests are taken into account, or only act in their own interests.

Features repack:
- Game Version - 1.06
- Do not cut / recoded

System requirements:
✔ Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
✔ Processor: Dual Core 2.4 Ghz
✔ Video: 1 GB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
✔ Sound device: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
✔ Free hard drive space: 2 GB

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