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Size to download: 1.37 GB. Version: V Build 03.05.2021 [NEW VERSION]

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Memory: 8 GB

Storage: 3 GB
Graphics: 2 GB
OS: 10 (64-bit)
Year: 2020
Developer: Gilligames
Version: V Build 03.05.2021 [NEW VERSION]

Rising Star 2 - role-playing game in combination with rock band simulator. You have one global goal - to achieve world success. To achieve recognition, you need to work a lot. If this is good for you, then start with the creation of your team. After a series of rehearsals follows, playing local clubs, the establishment of the first connections and T.D. You can join the formed team, or become a new group leader. Write songs, write a case and make a sewlist.

Playing in local clubs and pubs, you will be able to establish yourself, providing not only the loyalty to the public, but also to enlist interest on the part of producers and managers. You can fully address the appearance of each participant. Choose Paul, Appearance, Clothes, Rock Attributics and More. Your group van is also available for full customization. Spend a photo session for promotional materials and buy a lot of decorative jewelry for your rehearsal base or studio.

Hire session musicians, build relationships with participants in a group or managers, earn a reputation of workaholic to attract new investors and producers. Learn the interests of the public, follow their reaction and write the ideal songs that will be able to interest thousands of listeners. Go to tour to all the United States to declare yourself.

Removing the hotel rooms, you can defeat it. However, know that this action will be the corresponding price. World of Rising Star 2 is represented by a huge US card that you need to conquer. The system of relationships between the participants of the DMAS group will help you to play only with those people you choose. The game provides 40 types of part-time jobs to earn additional funds. Tours will be held in 130 cities, and the choice of equipment includes 600 units of various tools and equipment.

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