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OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Year: 2017
Developer: HeroLabs
Version: v Build 10.02.2018

Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages is a digital board game set in a dark medieval setting with elements of an alternative history. Moving around the global map of the world takes place in a step-by-step mode, each faction gets a certain place in the queue to perform its own move. Fights are made in the form of battles using cards, which depicted troops, their cost, damage and other characteristics. The basis for the success of each encounter is a high-quality commander who can provide useful bonuses to soldiers, so choosing a commander-in-chief is the most difficult.

The gamer will have to take under his leadership one of 6 factions, torn apart from within by multiple conflicts. The primary task of the player is to gain a foothold on the throne and prevent the protesters from overthrowing the controlled virtual protégé. "Strategy and Tactics: Time of Darkness" Focus on hostilities, competent solutions on the battlefields and pumping of their troops to unprecedented heights. There are 50 types of units that really existed and participated in armed conflicts. But the player has to be engaged not only by the strengthening of warriors, but also the economic life of his own state, as well as diplomacy to resolve some issues without the use of force. On the conduct of hostilities affects dynamically changing weather on the playing table, for example, the rain will not allow the archers to shoot as aiming as possible.

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