Darkest Dungeon

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Year: 2015

Genre: RPG

Developer: Red Hook Studios

Size: 1.56 Gb

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Download game Darkest Dungeon for free. In February 2015 igrodely Red Hook independent studio presented to the world his creation - Darkest Dungeon. Drawn platforming roguelike able to raise funds in the amount of 75 000 dollars on Kickstarter in just two weeks, a record time is due to the gloomy gothic eccentricity strategy published for all consoles. Do not believe me? Make sure this person, for this you just need to download the torrent Darkest Dungeon with the help of our game portal. The game has a thrilling story, weight and convenient features gameplay. It fully meets the requirements of the genre - the complete absence of additional attempts and lives, the constant generation of the world.

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A fascinating story.
Events unfold in a dark dungeon of an ancient castle, which was inadvertently bought the protagonist. The estate of strange things are happening, the mystical nature of which lies in the dark and damp basements. A more thorough study has found a hole between the otherworldly and the human world. Through this portal are constantly making their way vile creature, capable to harm everyone. It is necessary to stop this terrible migration.

Creators inspired films like "Alien" and "Band of Brothers", precisely because of these pictures gothic atmosphere platformer turned so oppressive and terrifying.

Features of game play:
A distinctive feature of the toys were vulnerable absolutely all the characters. They are subject to all sorts of phobias, and they will be more to overcoming levels. Your main task - to turn disadvantages into advantages. Do not let yourself break.

To start the game you need to assemble a productive team of four characters. These will progressively join the rest of the inhabitants of the world, so that you do not have to be bored. Initially, the proposed classes were thirteen, but their number was increased to fifteen in the process of early access. A variety of characters and monsters will please even the most demanding gamers. All heroes have special abilities, but, like all living beings are exposed to stress. Therefore, you should keep their nerves, so that they do not become neurotic. Especially impressionable can play against you. What is not a comfortable feeling themselves figure, the weaker its combat potential.

Unexpected variety of classes
As already stated their fifteen. They are very imaginative and varied. You can choose the Leper «Leper» or Freaky Doctor «Plague Doctor», just imagine what opportunities they have. Keep in mind, the developers have done everything possible to make the toy really frightening. Make sure this person is enough to download the torrent Darkest Dungeon and start the game right now.

Visual design and pumping
The game was created in a drawing style, which will make you experience the bleakness of a slight chill on his back. For all the battles you will observe side - the classic side-scroller. As for the improvement of the characters, here you will not find the usual functions - in battle earned various fears and phobias, be careful that they did not break your heroes.

Small, but important secrets of survival
At all stages of your assistant will torch. From time to time he would go out, being in the intricate maze of dark passages better to avoid it. The less light around you - the more dangerous. It is not known what dangers fraught with shadows.

You have the right to choose the required number of torches to overcome the mission. If you do not make the fatal mistake, after setting all of your characters will be able to have a rest, and even to have a party, during which gain strength and power will be removed. Do not forget to sufficient food. It is in tandem with the encouraging words will give the heroes of strength for new exploits.

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System requirements:
OS: Windows 7+
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Open GL 3.2+ Compliant
Hard Drive: 1200 MB available space

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