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Download Bus Driver Simulator 2019

Size to download: 2.04 GB. Version: V 7.0 + 8 DLC [NEW VERSION]

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Memory: 4 GB
Processor: Core i5 3470 / FX 8120
Storage: 4 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
Year: 2019
Developer: Kishmish Games
Version: V 7.0 + 8 DLC [NEW VERSION]

In BUS Driver Simulator, the player will have to become a passenger bus driver. No chisthe or racing, because it is a simulator. The driver must follow the rules of the road and clearly follow the schedule. You can choose one of the set of scenarios with already specified conditions or run free mode and slowly develop your career.

As decorations, the maximum detailed and realistic digitized fragments of Cologne and Serpukhov are. All important objects are located on places inherent in them, so residents of these cities can get an additional portion of pleasure from traveling along well-known streets.

The player can independently choose his items and ride solely in those parts of the city that he my own. Each route encourages a certain ride style, so all players will find something to their taste.

Speaking about taste, it is worth mentioning that in the game there is a rather impressive fleet from buses of different eras and different manufacturers. Venteners of antiquities can feel the degrading sense of nostalgia behind the wheel of the Soviet bus, and the lovers of modernity can sit down for the Brang of the European International. Each of the buses can be improved, pump and personalize under their taste. It is important that its own bus is not only fast and maneuverable, but also pleased the eye, because most of the time you have to admire.

But the driver's life consists not only of seat seat. You need to periodically visit refueling so that the fuel does not end in the middle of the route, and in the garage you can not only relax, but also carefully carry out all the necessary improvements in our own transport.

The change of day and night is implemented not only cosmetically. Depending on the time of day, the passenger flux density changes. In the morning hour, peak is all rummaged to work, then it is necessary to stick in traffic jams. The situation is significantly improved, and the late evening of the road and the deserted.

If there is a helmet of virtual reality, the game steering wheel and pedals can be immersed in the game with your head (literally) and get nothing comparable pleasure from the gameplay.


  • 7 detailed buses of various years and manufacturers.
  • Realistic recreated cities and suburbs area of ​​more than 12 square kilometers.
  • Thin setting of own bus characteristics, the ability to personalize your taste and color.
  • Changing weather conditions and time of day.
  • Riding strictly according to traffic rules and all related situations - accidents, staying police, long flights, traffic jams and so on.
  • Support for additional gaming devices - Rules, gamepads and VR helmets.

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