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Memory: 1.5 GB
Processor: 1.66 Ghz
Storage: 400 MB
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Year: 2017
Developer: Experimental Gamer Studios
Version: Full Last Release

Boot Hill Bounties continues the adventures of Kida, Rosie, Muna and Dock in the Wild West. Heroes learn about the conspiracy and try to prevent the war between the settlers and the people of Chepakwik in the Bronco County. Friends go to chase for 5 wanted criminals with nicknames Stampede Sally, Scorpion Saint, Burning Crow, Creed Little and Tuco Delgado. In the second part, the story of the saga does not end, as the developers left the trickle.

Boot Hill Bounties is JRPG in Vesternaya Anaturnage. Indy project imitates Japanese role-playing games of the existence of sixteen-bit consoles (especially EarthBound). There are no random battles in the title. When a collision with an opponent on the location turns on the battle phase, and the camera changes the anonym with an isometric view from the first person. Fights half step by step. Command members and their rivals can attack or apply skills only when the corresponding skill charges. And the specific scale is filled in real time. The defeated enemies (their 250 types here) remember the detachment of adventurers and at the next meeting they run away.

Heroes allow to enhance with hats. Headwear help to explore new skills, koi in this game 200. In addition to the main plot there are third-party activity. You can perform side tasks, to solve riddles (tips to them are in the newspapers), to prepare food (food gives fades), participate in a culinary competition, to engage in agriculture on your ranch, look for treasures. There is also a system of exclusion system, which gives the ability to turn a revolver into a machine gun, and Lasso - on fire whip. In addition, there is a cooperative in the Taitle. You can even go through the already launched single campaign. For this you only need to redistribute cowboy management.

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