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Size to download: 2.85 GB. Version: v 1.1.31112729

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Memory: 2 GB
Processor: Dual Core 2.0 ghz
Storage: 4 GB
Graphics: Shader Model 2.0 Capable Card 512 video memory
OS: Xp+..7, 8, 10
Year: 2016
Developer: Napoleon Games, S.R.O.
Version: v 1.1.31112729

7 Mages - Step-by-step RPG, created by reasons "Seven samurai" and "Gorgeous seven". Actions will occur in the fictional world of Roven, where the peasants will be taught for help to the MAG, so that he protects them from the attack by wild. Taking on the role of the Savior, gradually it is necessary to find another 6 sophisticated wizards, ready to stand up for the defense of the settlement.

In its path, the heroes will fight with more than 30 types of mobs: giants, trolls, frost elemental and t.D., requiring individual approach and tactics. Combat system "7 Mages" represented by many spells and techniques: shooting in different directions, crushing blow, circular attack and many others. If one of the members of the party studies skill, it becomes available to all heroes. A total contains about 60 species of attacks, including specific musical and natural spells. Music rods depend on the tool in the hands of the hero. 5 types of tools and 15 melodies affecting opponents are available. Protagonists will visit 14 unique locations: scleps, ice mountains, the bottom of the ocean and the womb of the Dead Dragon and many others. You can buy a map of the world, but for it you need to upset

Pumping skills You can find special improvements or buy from merchants with those or other abilities. Skills are represented by force, speed, magic and charisma. 7 Mages introduces survival basics. It is required to monitor the level of hunger of the detachment and at the end of the day to look for the night, replenishing health and mana. Locations may contain very complex puzzles. Simple puzzles are that it is required to find and insert the subject, but some will need to lie: arrange the sarcophagus in one room in such a way that in the other room it was possible to overcome the abyss and everything in such a spirit.

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