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Last Man

Adult, Adventure, RPG 2016 Last Man torrent game full

Year: 2016

Genre: Adult, Adventure, RPG

Developer: Vortex Cannon Entertainment

Size: 1,04 Gb

Download Last Man

Free Last Man game torrent. With the onset of the night time, when the family was asleep, it is possible to allocate time for yourself, and play computer games in the genre of horror stories, or in projects for adults. Let's talk about the second type of project. Computer game Last Man belongs to the RPG genre, and has an erotic bias. Therefore, make sure that a number of children did not have. Consider the plot of the game project. On Earth, there was a terrible tragedy that destroyed all men except your hero. He is the only one left, surrounded by a crowd of women. Of course, every woman wants to get himself a handsome man, but you're like a real man, can choose to look closely, that is, the use of such a case.

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Men no longer exists. You - the only one. Why it happened and what will happen next? Firstly, your task - to find out why it happened. Another not unimportant question - why do you survived? Or is it just the beginning of your problems and troubles, and the worst is yet to come? And if a woman does not become the cause of the tragedy? Whatever the answer to all these questions, your character will survive in an environment surrounded by women.
Each decision will affect the course of the game and change it. That is, you can change the story on your own.

System requirements:
- Operating System: WinXP / Vista / 7/8;
- Processor: Pentium 450 MHz;
- RAM: 64 MB or more;
- Video Card: 64 MB or better;
- Free space: 400 MB hard disk space;

On this page you can download the game Last Man torrent free on a PC.

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