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Size to download: 2.24 GB. Version: v 1.06.0217 v3 (40932) [New Version]

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Memory: 512 MB
Processor: 2.4 Ghz
Storage: 1.3 GB
Graphics: 3D
OS: XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Year: 2005
Developer: Blue Byte Studio
Version: v 1.06.0217 v3 (40932) [New Version]

The SetTlers: Heritage Of Kings is considered to be the fifth part of the series. Like past games, Taitle refers to real-time strategies with elements of a city planning simulator. However, the project differs markedly on its predecessors. He became closer to the classic RTS. And from a serious economic structure, the creators refused. A full-fledged storyline was introduced. Black knights attack the village Talgrund. Dario heads the forces of the militia and gives them a resistant, and then goes to the mother and recognizes the unexpected truth about his origin.

In Game "The Settlers: The Heritage of Kings" The developers strongly simplified production chains, cut the functions of the buildings and removed the porters. V "Five" Resources, materials and goods automatically teleport to the warehouse. And the creation of products occurs in one stage. For example, to get bread, no longer need to equip employees of braids, send them to collect the harvest, polish the grain in flour and the furnace from it products in the bakery. Instead, residents just fit the farm and immediately get food. Citizens acquired a loyalty scale. At its low values ​​there is a chance that the little men will move to the enemy side. The population is important to take care, because it pays seasonal tax fees.

If earlier "Settlers" Pereted strategy with indirect management, now you can circle units by the frame and distribute them accurate orders. Taitle brought to the franchise a change of seasons of the year, which affects the gameplay. For example: in winter you can cross rivers and lakes on the ice. The weather also has an impact on what is happening. In the rain arrows attack not so good. There was an opportunity to decorate the town with decorative objects. Heroes were also introduced. These have unique abilities: Dario produces falcon-scout, Salim puts the traps, Eric strengthens the allies, Helias will recruit the fighters of the enemy, Ari is included in Stealth, Pilgrim establishes bombs.

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