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FARHOME Download full game via torrent on PC
Download FARHOME
Download FARHOME
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OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-4590
Storage: 3 GB
Graphics: GTX 970
Memory: 8 GB
Genres: Action, Early access
Version: (The last one)
Year: Two thousand eighteen
Category: VR

FARHOME screenshots:

FARHOME game screen FARHOME game screen FARHOME game screen

FARHOME pc torrent Download for free. FARHOME – game project that was created in a classic shooter, where all actions will occur with the first person. The events of the game take you, in the form of the protagonist, in the future, namely in the year 2300. In this year, according to the story, the Earth will be covered with dark veil, as the atmosphere has already resulted in deplorable condition. Moreover, the human population is already accustomed to reasonable limits, and now the world continues unabated hostilities and lawlessness prevails everywhere. The Terrans decided immediately to seek another place of residence, that would be very difficult. Will you join one of the professional teams, where they will become part of a unit exploring the galaxy. You are given plenty of opportunities, one of which is a separate character, and then its further definition to one of four unique classes. You go on a long and dangerous adventure, where the main goal is to study five planets. On each of the planets you will find a lot of dangers and difficulties, and each has not a friendly form of life. With many residents you even have to fight, because they do not want to see the aliens on their planet.. On this page you can download the game FARHOME torrent free on a PC.

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