Download Zeus: Master of Olympus PC Game 2001

Download Zeus: Master of Olympus

Size to download: 607.7 Mb. Version: V 2.0

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Memory: 32 MB
Processor: Pentium 166 MHz
Storage: 188 MB
Graphics: 2 Mb
OS: Windows 95/98 / ME / 2000
Year: 2001
Developer: Impressions Games
Version: V 2.0

Zeus: Master of Olympus project is made in the best traditions of the genre in compliance with the basic mechanics and the principles of the gameplay. Here, the user can engage in urban development during the times of ancient Greece with all the ensuing features. Depending on the selected campaign, the final goals may vary, and the gamers should be adaptable to it to achieve maximum progress. The more difficult task, the more small steps it will be necessary for implementation, and the control of resources in this case will be more important. In addition, special attention is paid to the basic principles on which the gameplay is built.

Key principles of the game "Zeus: Olympus Lord":

  • Support for the population - for successful completion of the goals, it is necessary to supply people with food, which are distributed using agorah.
  • The formation of troops - to create an army, you need to build the palace, next to the detachments will be based. Depending on the types of residents and their numbers, the size of the army may vary.
  • The influence of the gods is to complete the necessary conditions for its part, the user will receive a blessing, due to which the individual parameters of life will increase (for example, defense, quantity of raw materials or food).
An important factor in development is diplomacy. So, every city, located on the map, is open to land or maritime trade. To do this, it is enough to build a port or post that will be the place of transactions. Not without the Olympic Games, which are held every 4 years. In order to enhance the chances of success, it is necessary to increase the number of cultural structures in the city, as well as get a blessing from Apollo. And in order for the level of medicine to be at a steadily high level, it is important to monitor the number of lazarets.

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