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Memory: 4 GB
Processor: Intel Core i3
Storage: 5 GB
Graphics: GeForce GTX 650
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
Year: 2021
Developer: Malicious Games
Version: Full Last Release

Xenia's Ark talks about distant and gloomy future. Peoples barely recovered after the war of Chaos, which lasted two centuries, when they suddenly faced a new problem. Galaxy left to exist only 50 years due to destructive actions of black holes. With the help of the technology of using the worm of empire moved to another and unknown part of the universe. The population was immersed on huge starships that were named great ark. The player is the leader of one of such ships.

This is 4x-strategy. In Xenia's Ark everything happens in step-by-step mode. Map is divided into hexagons. First, the user explores the planet that has become a new home for the selected people. Then he studies the stellar system. And then proceeds to the development of the galaxy. The game needs to build and develop cities, engage in spying, produce and distribute resources, establish relationships with neighbors and trade with them, receive new technologies, create, customize and equip the army, fight with other parties. In this global TBS battles are divided into space and ground. It is possible to use the landscape for your own purposes to hide the units and arrange an ambush. Gamer can hire and improve leaders. They are able to manage settlements and troops.

You can play for one of the 6 fractions:

  • Arkidoun - stands out by force and militancy;
  • Vicnoti - are considered great researchers;
  • Assembly - skilled in the use of diplomacy;
  • Phaedon - do focus on the development of science;
  • MORIX - are famous for its engineers and builders;
  • Velacite - boasts good and stable economy.

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