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Memory: 512 MB
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 2400+

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or Radeon X1300
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2007
Developer: Digital Reality
Version: Full Last Release

Alternative for the development of events of the period of World War II offers War Front: Turning Point. The strategy implemented the desire for domination over the world. Here, the main parties to the military conflict are the Union of America and Britain opposing Germany and the USSR. In the process of the country create a powerful super retention. Gamer takes control of 9 immortal characters, where from each side of 3 available 3, each of which has separate skills, weapons and carries a certain role in the storyline.

Military Front: The turning point proposes to engage in the fight between fractions:

  • Allies - developed technologically, their structures do not need to use electric generators. Army consist of Tanks of Britain Matilda, and US Permisms. Excellent manifest themselves in the air, using Lockhid bomber, and armored high-speed mastang, also armored transporters, and trucks that can cause air strikes.Superorable - an atomic bomb that is on board Northrop. Characters: John Lynch is a colonel with a grenade launcher, Anna Herzog with Thompson Machine gun, Vincent Sanier armed with colts.
  • Germany - possess powerful armored vehicles, use the panther and tigers - tanks, there is a airship with a bombardment function. Special consist of pomegranaters with bruncers, flannels with rinks with jet engines and exoskeletons. Super Build - Fau-1 Winged Rocket With the ability to pump to ballistic fau-2. Heroes: Roland Hellmann - Ober Lieutenant with a three-grained grenade launcher, Dietrich Praisss and Elsa Adler, carving gun-machine gun MR-40.
  • USSR - Numerous troops with infantrymen who are able to use Molotov's cocktails, increase the morale of comrades vodka. Tanks and Air Force are weaker, but the Union is in service with a giant turret, modified five-fable T-35 Kharkov, can cause partisan as. As a superorary on board TB-3 there is an ice bomb. Characters: Alexey Mikhalkov, who owns a machine gun DSHK, Nadya Amanova, with the ability to throw knives, Andrei Nazarov - General with Mosina rifle.
In a parallel reality, another Reichancler came to the place of the killed at the start of Hitler. Nazis successfully carry out the operation of the sea lion, is successful, capturing Britain. In the final, Nazis and America lead a cold war during which new technologies appear. The United States and the United Kingdom drive out the German troops from the last. War acquires revolutions again when the USSR attacks Europe. Each Alliance creates superform tools for a new warning wave.

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