Download the setTlers: Rise of An Empire - History Edition PC Game 2019

Download the setTlers: Rise of An Empire - History Edition

Size to download: 4.2 GB. Version: v 1.6

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Memory: 2 GB
Processor: 64-bit CPU
Storage: eight
Graphics: 256 MB
OS: Windows 7 / 8/10 (64-bit)
Year: 2019
Developer: Ubisoft Blue Byte
Version: v 1.6

The Settlers: Rise of An Empire is a town-planning simulator and an economic strategy in the medieval setting. Also this is the sixth part of the famous series. In her first appeared settlers women and knights. Mighty warrior give to choose before the start of the task. They differ among themselves skills and bonuses. Taitle proposes to develop a city, take care of its inhabitants, fight with enemies.

"Settlers: the flourishing of the empire" He is reproving. It contains the original game and addition to it The Eastern Realm. In the updated version, the developers slightly pulled the schedule and added support for modern operating systems. In the main campaign of 16 missions. In addition to the plot mode there is a single card. The world consists of 5 climatic zones that differ in each other time of the year, weather conditions and resource distribution.

Semens have food, clothing, entertainment, cleanliness. Needs to be satisfied to access new units and buildings. As the welfare improves, additional whims will appear. Ignoring their desires will lead to strikes. Population growth depends on marriages. Men meet their second halves at fairs. There you can entertain your subjects and stretch with neighbors.

User starts with lock, warehouse, church. To the village grow up, you need to create all the conditions for its prosperity. First, it is better to send people to hunting and fishing, as well as start throwing the forest. The first food will appear after the sausage will make meat, and the fish will be swapped. Trees will become a building material, and the food will be needed to build buildings. To maintain hygiene, you will need to build soap. The first production chains will gradually begin to appear, and the settlement will be gradually growing. To expand the territory and search for deposits, you need to send settlers to intelligence.

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