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Size to download: 1.30 GB. Version: V 2.03

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Memory: 128 MB
Processor: AMD Athlon / Intel Pentium III 500 MHz
Storage: 1 GB
Graphics: DirectX Compatible Graphic Card 32 MB
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Year: 2002
Developer: 4head Studios
Version: V 2.03

The economic simulator of the life of a medieval man The Guild Gold Edition is a unique combination of building a whole branch of the life of one person, allowing us to plunge into aspects of life in the times of the Inquisition, crusades and the formation of science. EUROPA 1400 Actions: The Guild unfold in a simple medieval city, which is no different from the rest. Since the game is a simulator, in the hands of the main player there is a complete freedom of action: you can become a craftsman, marry, to narrow children, build a house, become a leader of the dynasty and much more.

From building a career policy to organizing your own gang of thieves. Everything is really available in the game. The story begins with the fact that you stay in a new city where you do not have acquaintances, you do not know what you will do. Protagonist should immediately find the first dating to start moving towards any professional activity. From the first minutes you can configure the player's behavior: steal or communicate, give or pick up, try to lead or obey.

Since representatives of all classes live in the city: "Craftsmen, guards, workers, aristocrats and intelligentsia", you can start building relationships with those who will be your support or the most faithful enemy in the future. When you create a character, the game offers to choose the story of your parents. The higher the estor of your relatives, the better the initial characteristics. For example, if parents were aristocrats, then your ability will be more political, psychological and negotiating. If they were workers, but by professionals, then you will confidently move towards any profession. The basis of the game - the continuation of the kind. Your main character is not eternal, so you need to raise the heir to whom you can play after the death of the protagonist. Mandatory condition - the child must be more than 12 years.

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