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Memory: 2 GB

Storage: 2 GB
Graphics: Recipient with DirectX 10
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2021
Developer: Thunderbox Entertainment
Version: Full Last Release

The Captain Is Dead - a step-by-step science fiction strategy with survival elements. The player will sit in the captain's chair and try to save his team from the aliens. Here, the gamer passes through the crowd of nonsense, fighting and collecting artifacts, on which the velocity speed depends. The cosmole is under siege, so it is necessary to coordinate and use the skills of all members of the group to survive against the enemy. Initially, the user chooses a role-playing card with a separate number of actions, passive and active skills.

Characters participating in the game:

  • Head of Teleport - Can Navigate through the ship and around it.
  • Cyborg - Space Force Resistant.
  • Team members - not resistant damage, have an advantage in quantity.
  • Advisor - uses different skills that increases chances of winning.
  • Ensign - quickly moving and learns.
  • Soldier - Expert on Battle.
The reference card indicates the action and methods of the starship defense:
  • Bridge - checks the number of enemies, engaged in repairing shields and is responsible for communications.
  • Military room - here there is a military plan of the captain.
  • Armory - allows you to use torpedoes and turrets for battle with a taught.
  • Core CPU - is responsible for distributing skills crew members.
  • Cargo compartment - accommodates useful devices, such as lasers and scanners.
  • Lazareza - medical room.
  • Scientific Laboratory - Used to upgrade the ship and research of space exploits.
  • Engineering - Designed to repair the kernel necessary to move the cosmolete.
Systems are activated exclusively on the starrel and allow you to receive skills, teleport and be treated. The user can move on tunnels in any direction. User chooses what to use here: Tunnel effects, place artifacts or errors, or bonus. Actions are made step by step, and if there are errors, they are moving forward with each user's step. When colliding with a game error or device, they get damage. The player wins, if he managed to hold them and find the right number of artifacts.

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