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Size to download: 222.89 MB. Version: V [NEW VERSION]

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Memory: 512MB Windows XP

Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible Video Card
OS: XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8
Year: 2012
Developer: Firefly Studios
Version: V [NEW VERSION]

Stronghold Kingdoms is a multiplayer branch of a popular strategic series about the construction of fortresses. The game refers to the MMORTIS genre. In the project, two-dimensional isometric graphics approximate to the visual style of the very first part and addition to it. Emphasis is done on the development and economy.

Buildings here will die long. Sometimes this process can last 20 minutes. The speed of construction can be increased by technology research. The same feature makes it possible to open new types of houses and increase warriors. A branched tree allows you to explore more than 700 improvements.

Stronghold Kingdoms 6 types of units: peasants, swordsmen, archers, pics, captains and siege catapults. Credit soldiers with a frame and distribute orders to the right and left, as in past parts, it is impossible. The computer now manages the armies and counts the results of the bout. However, the user can affect the outcome of the battle, choosing tactics and equipment fighters.

Each user has its own village and castle. Between them, the strategic and global card can be switched in the client. The settlement is responsible for the welfare of the virtual Lord, and in the hardest placed objects and troops to protect. The game has a huge amount of resources: from all kinds of food varieties, to iron, wood and equipment parts.

Players can fight or trade with other users. Also, the user can be a vassal of another user. This will allow Senor to introduce a military to the castle of a weaker ally and attack common enemies from there. In return, he gets extra glasses of honor. You can raise the rank for them.

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