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Size to download: 3.82 GB. Version: v 1.12.1 + All DLC [New Version]

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Memory: 2 GB
Processor: Dual-core with clock frequency 2 GHz

Graphics: with 256 MB video memory,
OS: XP, Vista, 7
Year: 2012
Developer: Firefly Studios
Version: v 1.12.1 + All DLC [New Version]

Stronghold 3: Gold - Economic and Military Strategy, issued in the fall of 2011. Sixth part of the series is a direct continuation of the first game, the plot begins 7 years after the events of Stronghold.

You have to combine efforts with the allies to repel the attack, familiar to the first part of the series, antagonist - Wolf. He was able to survive numerous injuries and falling from the tower and escaped for 7 years, to the distant oriental edges for treatment. Having gained strength again, the wolf enlisted the new allies - the rat and Kaban, the sons of the dukes killed by the protagonist in the past games, and returned to the neighborhood of your fortress for new attacks.

It is necessary, according to the laws of the genre, find a thin line, balance, between a strong economy and a combat-ready army. If you put too many resources and forces in the creation of troops, your treasury will be empty, Milord - you need to pay people for the service. However, it is impossible to do the army at all, the opponents are only waiting for your mistakes and inattention to attack your territories and plunder them.

There are many resources and castle indicators: bread, apples, ore, wood, gold and nobility, which rises, if people are pleased with your leadership, and you do not become a ruthless barbarian, burning and robby all living things. Correctly distribute the duties between the peasants and mined the necessary resources for prosperity.

An innovation in this part was the change of day and night, which gives more tactical options when attacking, also some units get bonuses at different times of the day. Added many protective structures. Visually there are improvements in the past parts, now builds closer to the city center look richer and well-keeled. The destructiveness of buildings also underwent changes for the better.

Gold edition added to the game all separately published patches, additional companies with interesting conditions and changes to the map editor, allowing you to make a unique scenario for battle.

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