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Memory: 64 MB
Processor: Pentium II 300 MHz

Graphics: 3D
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2002
Developer: Firefly Studios
Version: Full Last Release

Stronghold is the first in the MMORTIS series, made in the medieval setting. Actions occur during crusades in the XI - XIII centuries. The game has one story campaign, the mode of siege without economic elements, a free structure, where there are no hostilities, and the emphasis is on the economy. Gameplay is based on the economic simulator of the city and the castle of the Middle Age.

Developers have become innovators to use new parameters, for example, popularity affects the number of settlers and their performance. People need to provide everything necessary for a full-fledged life so that this parameter does not fall, otherwise the outflow of the population begins. Treatment from numerous diseases, for example, the plague, is carried out from the start, otherwise all residents of the settlement may become infected.

First, the player builds the castle where the treasury is kept. Next, the user begins to rebuild the estate so that the characters are comfortable to live here. Buildings are quickly created and demolished. The simulator has economic and military buildings, the number of which exceeds 80. For the construction used resources - stone, wood. Creating massive buildings, such as farms, you need to consider the correct location

The combat system is based on units. You need to control the wards thoughtfully, for example, the archers are better to place on elevations - hills or platforms for greater accuracy. Units in the game set and all of them belong to the Middle Ages and have separate parameters: type - rifle or shock, force attack, speed, protection, availability of engineers, skill dock and climb on the walls. There are main opponents managed by AI, this is a wolf, rat, snake and boar. Gamer will receive an order from Sisser to kill these enemies.

The economy in the Citadel is also important, and the full production chains are built here. To create an archer, 3 buildings are needed - barracks, workshop and weapon. For baking bread you need 4 - mill, farm, bakery and products. The farms are conducted by the farm, but for this it is worth feeding, treated, inspire and delight so that they do not migrate. There are funds received from taxes that are spent on providing troops.

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