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Size to download: 872.9 MB. Version: V Build 2021.ten.09.0 [NEW VERSION]

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Memory: 6 GB
Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-6567U CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.30 Ghz
Storage: 4 GB
Graphics: Intel (R) IRIS (R) Graphics 550
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
Year: 2021
Developer: Direfang
Version: V Build 2021.ten.09.0 [NEW VERSION]

In the adventures of Stonedeep to be engaged in the construction of a majestic dwarf city, which goes far deep into the earth. It is necessary to take the role of one of the gnomes and will go on clearing underground tunnels and corridors connecting together rooms and caves deep under the surface of the soil. Have to build colonies and develop immediately in several directions. Requires knowledge in the skill of production, military affairs and trade, allowing to create balanced underground states that can withstand any adversity incoming.

Stonedeep's gameplay predisposes the territories and research. Deep moves to break through and lay new routes for which other participants and characters can move. Engaged in the rupture of the upper layers of the planet, have to be engaged in parallel with the search necessary for the construction of resources and securities that can be sold on the market and issue materials for the development of society. In the process of passing will increase levels of civilization, up to the last ninth. This brings changes to management and economy, because the income from taxes of citizens increase along with their needs for food, entertainment and cheerful drinks.

Immersing in the fictional world, the heroes expect:

  • 80 diverse resources available for extracting and interaction.
  • 70 facilities possible for erection within the territory of the city.
  • 9 levels of the development of the people and the state, allowing to increase the statitium and financial profit.
  • 8 types of opponents separated by branches of the types that will have to join the bloody contractions.
  • 5 biomes available for research and resource mining with individual elements of the environment and weather.

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