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Size to download: 1.63 GB. Version: v 1.16.1 (Update 2) - Expansion Set

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Memory: 32 MB
Processor: 233 MHZ
Storage: 128 MB
Graphics: 3D
OS: XP, 7, 8, 10
Year: 1998
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Version: v 1.16.1 (Update 2) - Expansion Set

STARCRAFT BROOD WAR - real-time strategy, addition to the main game. 3 new companies, originating from the original Starkraft. Each race now accommodates more unique units, buildings, research, and the gameplay received many new cards and soundtracks. The plot unfolds in the middle of the 26th century in the field of the Milky Way or the Koprul sector.

Take control over 1 of 3 races battleing:

  • Protoss possess supernatural abilities, high-tech guns, spaceships and a large army.
  • Terrans are descendants of people from the planet Earth.
  • Merges are more reminiscent of insects, possess good research, huge worms and machines. They are distinguished by the fact that each of their attack is the invasion of hundreds of units.
In most matches, the main task is to destroy all the soldiers and each conservation of the opponent. At the start of the missions, you will get a small base and workers. Mining crystals and gas ventilation, basic resources that allow building new buildings and recruit warriors. Sometimes deposits of materials will end, and it will be necessary to look for new points.

The balance of the game was also changed in this supplement. Some units received a smaller value, too strong warriors were removed, and new soldiers with a unique characteristic came to their place.

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