Download Sins Of A Solar Empire (Classic) PC Game 2008

Download Sins Of A Solar Empire (Classic)

Size to download: 4.41 GB. Version: v 1.16 [NEW VERSION]

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Memory: 512 MB
Processor: Intel Pentium IV 2.2 GHz
Storage: 2.8 GB
Graphics: 128 MB
OS: XP SP2 / Vista / 7
Year: 2008
Developer: Ironclad Games
Version: v 1.16 [NEW VERSION]

Sunset of the Solar Empire - real-time strategy starting with an introductory video. The player will have to capture the neighboring planets, performing achievements and progressing. The gameplay presents a single-user plot campaign against artificial intelligence. In ordinary matches you can fight with other users on the network.

The SINS OF A SOLAR EMPIRE is represented as a sandbox, and the actions unfold in space in three dimensions. Gamer is able to choose a map, or generate it procedurally. Built-in editor allows you to properly design areas of different sizes. Before the start, it is necessary to choose one of the three races, starting space objects and planet. Main challenge - Full domination in the galaxy. To do this, it will be necessary to increase military power and capture more planets for resource mining and expansion of the empire.

The camera system allows you to scale the location, watch the stars, display separate worlds or watch near the space ships. In addition to colonization, the user can develop infrastructure, explore technology or participate in battles in infinite space, or attacking the Earth's Earth. SINS OF A SOLAR EMPIRE has 4 resources: influence, crystals, metal and loans. They are necessary for the construction of structures and ships, research or modernization of units and buildings. Enhancement, the user will achieve loyalty from the population.

Moving to the map, there are different space bodies on it. The player will encounter planets of earth, volcanic, ice or deserted type. Asteroids, pirates, plasma storms, spatial corridors (wormworms), moon and many other bodies. Starships are divided into 4 types: small, frigates, cruisers or large. They are needed to perform different goals and actions.

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