The purpose of the game in creating an autonomous megalopolis.

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Size to download: 83 MB. Version: v 1.0 | Special Edition

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Memory: 32 MB
Processor: 233 MHZ

Graphics: SVGA
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 1996
Developer: Maxis
Version: v 1.0 | Special Edition

SIMCITY 2000 - this is the 2nd part of the city planning simulator, released in the distant 1993.

The purpose of the game in creating an autonomous megalopolis. Develop residential and industrial areas, build infrastructure and collect taxes for the further development of the city. Great importance is attached to improving the quality of life of residents, maintaining a balance between various sectors and monitoring the environmental situation of the region. Below balance between aspects of the game to prevent reduction in the level of discontent of the population and bankruptcy.

Compared to the 1st part in Simcity 2000, new types of objects were added: prisons, schools, libraries, parking for yachts, hospitals and 12 types of power plants. Players can build roads, highways, bus stations, railway tracks, metro, seaports and airports. Budget and financial control are also much more complicated, tax rates can be established individually for residential, commercial and industrial zones.

When starting a new game, we choose the year from 1900 to 2100, from where and start. According to the selected time, mechanics will change in the game. For example, nuclear power stations will be available not earlier than 1954, the subway will be invented only in 1910, and nuclear synthesis in general at 2050. Depending on time, the demands of the residents will change, and the migration will increase.

Gameplay also includes sandboxes and gaming scenarios. In scenarios, the player must cope with the catastrophe and restore the city to defeat. They were based on the versions of real cities, and some on real events, such as: Auckland Fire Storm 1991, Hugo Hugo in Charleston, South Carolina, Grand Flood 1993 in Davenport, Iowa and many others. But however, there are more "peaceful" missions: improve the economic situation, increase population growth, eliminate the consequences of chemical pollution, extinguish fires in the forest, minimize crime in the city.

A large number of items make you feel as if you are responsible for a living, growing megalopolis.

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