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Size to download: 511.8 Mb. Version: V 5.0 / 2.0

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Memory: 32 MB
Processor: AMD K-6 266+ / Intel Pentium II 266 MHz

Graphics: SVGA
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 1999
Developer: Firaxis Games
Version: V 5.0 / 2.0

In Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri will be able to try himself as the founder of one of the fractions in someone else's galaxy. It all begins with the fact that mankind destroyed himself by wars, from which the Earth has become unsuitable for life. A new Planet Chiron was opened in the Alpha Centaur system, which turned out to be the most suitable for the revival of all living things. It was sent to the ship Unity, but as a result, the space transport failed and all 7 leaders landed on the planet before the deadline. Every person has its own idea of ​​perfect society, from which the entire crew is divided into fractions. Basic classes in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

  • Spartans. The city behaves very aggressive, because it puts the power and discipline above all. Their strong side - army; garden guy. The community respects nature and tries to preserve environmental purity on the planet;
  • University. The faction honors knowledge, is responsible for all technical developments. However, their military units are much weaker;
  • Peacemakers. Residents prefer diplomacy, share the former ideals of the UN.
  • Hive. The communist community has increased growth and development, while considers diplomacy absolutely ineffective;
  • Believers. In the city do not appreciate knowledge, putting in the church. They develop longer, but at it better increase the spirit of the army and spies;
  • Morgan. Citizens live in luxury, preferring the capitalist scheme of the Board. They have a developed economy, but at the same time very expensive military forces.
On the Hiron will have to rebuild cities from the very beginning. It will be necessary to monitor the landscape and the power of its army, to invest in the general atmosphere of the city to maintain residents, and still fight back from constant attacks of alien creatures. People will attack the brain worms, which are given several species at once. In addition to aggressive politics and social engineering, you can go on the path of diplomacy. From all the actions of the gamer will depend on the outcome of humanity in Hiron.

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