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Year: 2017

Genre: Strategy

Developer: Jujubee S.A.

Size: 226 Mb

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Free Realpolitiks game torrent. country and the world political map as a whole is constantly changing, because it has its own laws, to understand that ordinary people do not always given. Many can not answer the question, what countries are at war, what made this or that decision, and so on. Now you can find the answers to many of them, will reveal secrets, and the main motive power management will be disclosed.

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You will have a variety of tasks, different direction and complexity. First of all, you must decide with the system by democracy, totalitarianism, or the other. Further it is necessary to establish all things in his country, gain self-respect, to bring the country and its name on the world political arena, seeks to dominate. Take your time to think through each step. Depends on it, your reputation, your well-being of the population and the country's image as a whole.

On the road to success, to solve all the current business, take care of the development and improvement of the country, invest in it, manages and controls all the resources. Remember the moral principles and boundaries, as well as the ethical side of every action. You, as a steward, must discard all doubts and gain the determination to act firmly and confidently make decisions. Only in this way is guaranteed success. At the heart of the game policies put the current situation. European Union threatens to decay in the world of violence, terrorism. US aims in the war of global scale. What would you do, given the situation described? You will be able to prove himself as a politician, if you decide to download Realpolitiks torrent free.

- You decide which country will manage and which ones do the leading worldwide.
- The result in many respects depends on the format and system of governance.
- Domestic and foreign policy requires you to make important decisions, many of the actions and objectives. The problem will be different scale.
- You can use spies to establish control over the policies of other countries.
- Morality and Ethics - Do you use these principles? Or for the authorities ignore them ?.

System requirements:
✔ Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
✔ Processor: Intel Core i3
✔ Video Card: Intel HD 520 or better, 1GB VRAM
✔ DirectX: Version 9.0c
✔ Disk space: 600 MB

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