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Memory: 128 MB
Processor: 900 MHz

Graphics: 64 MB
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 1998
Developer: BullFrog
Version: Full Last Release

Populous: The Beginning - God's simulator, which is the third game in the game line. The main difference from the previous parts is that now the player manages not the disembodied form of the Divine, but a woman-shaman who heads the primitive tribe.

The campaign is that the people move to other planets and subordinate other indigenous peoples, in parallel looking for new sources of magical power. The main task of the game is to bring the Shaman to the state of the Divine.

For the first time in the series of gameplay moves completely into three-dimensional space. The main gameplay occurs on the planets. With the help of special capabilities of the shaman, you can change land landscapes. After it is necessary to ensure the well-being inhabitants of the tribe and get rid of enemies in the vicinity. In order to ask an appointment to each unit, it is enough to click on the hero and give an order to build a building or attack the enemy.

Campaign includes 25 planets. The player has to fight with other tribes, headed by other magicians: Dakini, Chumara and Mataki. New abilities and knowledge shaman receives in the event that it finds totems that need to pray.

In Populous: The Beginning several types of warriors:

  • Warriors - Middle Fight Fighters;
  • Fire throtters - warriors on the far distance;
  • Preachers - can delay the enemy army or recruit opponents to their side;
  • Passengers - spies capable of penetrating someone else's base and arrange arsums.
The resource in the game is only one - mana that comes from the inhabitants of the tribe. The higher the number of people in the settlement, the faster the resource is mined. With the help of spells, shaman can recruit wild inhabitants of the planet in their faithful followers. You can also apply magic to the destruction of enemies, volcanoes and swarm bees, called death angels. Often the main battle occurs between the two shamans, which make each other powerful magic attacks on each other.

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