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Size to download: 644.83 MB. Version: v 1.6.7A

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Memory: 2 GB
Processor: Intel Core 2 or similar
Storage: 1 GB
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible 256 MB video memory
OS: XP SP 2, Vista / 7, 8
Year: 2013
Developer: Proxy Studios
Version: v 1.6.7A

Pandora: First Contact - a step-by-step strategy that can be called a simulator of colonization. In 2107, earthlings are planted on Pandora to build a new world. In addition to natural conditions, the locals are also provided that they do not want to see strangers on their planet.

The user chooses one of the 6 fractions:

  • Religious fanatics - have weakly developed technologies, but quickly create an army of Zadeshevo;
  • Militarists - strong troops with high damage;
  • Economists - collect more money from the population;
  • industrialists - quickly build and improve buildings;
  • Scientists - ahead of all in terms of technical progress;
  • Environmentalists - bad soldiers, but Aborigines rarely attack them.
In the role of currency here is the energy. In addition, it is necessary to mined food and minerals so that the settlers do not starve and developed industry. The groups of troops are moving on hexagon cells, exploring sources of resources, attacking the colonies of aliens and fighting the inhabitants of the local fauna.

The game has little initial units: infantry, exploration, tanks, robots, aircraft and ships. But the user is inventing all the best equipment for individual types of troops in the detachment editor. For example, the infantry first is armed with a fireman, and then supplied with anti-tank guns. This includes equipping artillery tanks. In addition to weapons, armor and additional adaptations evolve. The latter is extremely varied - some help tame a local fauna and leave damage after attack.

Mastering the terrain, a resident takes only what is expected by profession. Miners mining raw materials, agriculture collect edible supplies. If the city is over-selected, part of the people itself migrates to another location. Technology development branches are randomly related. Having studied the creation of armored vehicles, the player will open the processing of plants or at all will make a breakthrough in the economy.

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