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Size to download: 1.32 GB. Version: v 1.0.eleven.24 [New Version]

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Memory: 2 GB
Processor: 2.6GHz Pentium® IV
Storage: 4 GB
Graphics: 128 MB PCIE NVIDIA® GEFORCE® 6600GT
OS: Vista, 7, 8
Year: 2015
Developer: Camel 101
Version: v 1.0.eleven.24 [New Version]

Mechs & MERCS: Black Talons will talk about the consequences of a destructive war that ruined the galaxy. Dozen Planets and Star Systems announced their independence or have concluded new unions, governments fell, and military leaders came to power. The chaos and damage spread throughout, and to maintain the order and establishment of the world between the main factions, the private armies of mercenaries were called.

You are managed by a detachment of black claws, now based on the Oberon system. After an unsuccessful campaign, the Military Union Tsarain captured the Planet of Genai and blocked any flights from the system. Only one option remains - to help the residents of the Genai beat off from the striker army and release the planet.

The combat system of the game includes the use of the weapons of the neighbor and far distance, the correct use of the shelter and the competent construction of units - they can be strong or fast, but almost never happens at the same time.

The system of improvements is very deep, contrary to the initial opinion. Even such ordinary upgrades like "+1 to characteristic", Under the conditions of the game, they are important and in such a way to specialize their fighters for some particular role, for example, for defense in shelter or assault operations in close distances.

Additional types of armor, taking into account the size of the cards, are very appropriate. You can always choose faster and lung fighters, or more survivion, but slow, depending on the situation. Also in the game there are also special fighters - fractional. And even the early bellows, with its easy weight and maneuverability, very deadly, but very fragile, so it is worth thinking twice, whom to keep for the future.


  • Tactics in real time using various fur.
  • Fully customized detachments passing with you the whole campaign.
  • Player solutions have a direct impact on the placement of forces in the system.
  • Different classes of units, specialized roles and own set of skills, abilities and weapons.
  • 5 worlds with various weather conditions and landscapes.
  • Relationships with different fractions affect player's progress in the game. Some of them give access to unique units, and others interfere with the mission.

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