Map and landscape itself resemble civilization.

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Memory: 256 MB
Processor: 1 Ghz
Storage: 220 MB
Graphics: Compatible with DirectX 7
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 1994
Developer: SIMTEX
Version: v 1.3.1

Master of Magic - a peculiar crossing of Civilization and Heroes of Might & Magic.

Map and landscape itself resemble civilization. There are forests, golden lived, settlers and the need to build cities. It would seem that games with such a component is fully - enough to take any economic strategy. But the most interesting here in the peoples who inhabit the cities.

14 races divided into light and darkness. On the good side of 9 races (elves, people, halfling and t.D.). On evil - five (dark elves, dwarfs, trolls and t.D.). And you have to choose for whom to play, and what is more important - the power of trolls? Or fertility barbarians? From Heroes of Might & Magic project got magic and heroes. There are 6 schools in total, and you can develop both in one and several. To create magical artifacts, you will have to conduct magical studies possible for Magical Point, which are generated in cities.

Another interesting component - heroes. For example, pumping fame will attract strong heroes. And on their characteristics directly depends the success of the passage of cards. And for each hero will have to spend money on the content from the treasury and raise from the level to the level. Of course, the developers thought out and classes, with rather standard limitations (the magician cannot use the sword, for example).

Of course, as in all step-by-step strategies, it's not to do without a fight. The field is familiar to the cells, the detachments apply passive and active skills, as a result of getting experience, money and artifacts.

The result is a good quality game, with a good balance and a thoughtful system as the development of settlements and magical abilities. Despite the visible simplicity, the developers thought out every detail, and the passage of cards turns into a pleasant logical puzzle - here to reduce the content of buildings, here to learn a new skill, here to choose a new hero. In one word - worthy.

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