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Download Lord of the Rings: War Rings (Game)

Size to download: 2.44 GB. Version: Full Last Release

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Memory: 256 MB
Processor: Intel Pentium 3 800 MHz

Graphics: 32 Mb graphics cards with a geometric coprocessor compatible with DirectX 9
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2003
Developer: Liquid Entertainment
Version: Full Last Release

RTS The Lord of the Rings: War Of The Ring offers to fully plunge into the universe Tolkina. Here the player will create the base, the formation of the army and the battles with the enemy. Resources - ore and food, necessary for research and construction. The game has artifacts - statues that give the character to individual properties, such as health, is the place of power. Destroying the enemies and finding artifacts, gamer will receive power points needed to use magic.

The Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring can be held in such modes:

  • Campaign - Scene missions from the original book that are not included in the film.
  • Battle - passing against CPU, which is divided into:
  • Survival - need to destroy all military units of the enemy.
  • Destruction - to demolish all the enemy structures.
  • Hunger - At the start, all users get a lot of resources, but they are hidden on the map.
  • Control - the maximum time to hold the point of force.
  • Catapult - the game appears the catapult that must be captured.
  • Multiplayer passage [/ b] - Battle with real opponents in similar modes.
The armies have the parameters of health, equipment, damage and weapons, which is divided into - heroic, spears, stupid and cutting. Battles occur for the army of light and darkness, which differ in the party for which you need to fight, magic, detachments and buildings. In the campaign for the world, the period of the war rings is described when heroes fight against Sauron and his supporters, in particular the Balrog. Here are involved: the keeper - Frodo, Gimli - perfectly manifests itself with the storming of the bases, Aragorn, which is effective in defense and attack, Legolas with the ability to alarmed battle and Gandalf with his magical skills.

The Campaign for Darkness tells about the events held before the start of the war, where Sauron is restored by receiving defeat in the final of the second era. It covered, where you can meet such characters: Hollum - the ring, King-Nazgul - a commander, capable of using black magic, Salim Ka Mara - a hunter using blades for throwing, Grishnak - leads orcs and perfectly showed himself in the attack, Saruman - Wizard who defends the camp and is able to deal with huge troops.

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