Life is Feudal Forest Village

Life is Feudal Forest Village Strategy, Simulation download torrent

Year: 2016

Genre: Strategy, Simulation

Developer: Mindillusion

Size: 277 Mb

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Download game Life is Feudal Forest Village for free. Game project Life is Feudal: Forest Village refers to the strategies, and differs from such a stylish and original design. Creator acted as Mindillusion, which put a lot of effort to their fans were pleasantly surprised. An early version of the project is really amazing. You will take the reins of a settler, who with a group of the same characters will be looking for new lands. You will be surrounded by unusual settlers. They can do with their hands almost all. So it will be easier to get used to a new territory, and you can avoid problems with the establishment of settlements. On your way will meet a variety of hazards, dangerous wild animals, natural disasters, and much more.

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Collecting things, your character goes on a journey. The first thing you need to get to the starting point, for which the boat can be used. You could take with you only what you need and supply of food and water - minimum. You should try to become a group №1, and then you will go to the other characters. Explore and discover the area, it was built up.

The first steps in the game will be modest. Appearance of the first houses of the settlement, the defense from attack by animals. The settlers will conduct the usual life for us, cook, warm in winter, and so on. But nothing comes in the game quickly and easily. You need to think about every action and every move to take over the organization of the entire resettlement process. Listen to your people, take care of it, then command them. If your settlers will be uncomfortable, your credibility will drop significantly. Remember that each of them needs work. Challenge them to resource extraction, construction of mines, and more. Your settlers will get the job, and you - the satisfaction and respect. But the extraction of resources under the ground will not be available immediately.

Infrastructure development includes the construction of various facilities, including industrial. You can make to the settlement plan for parks and gardens, give the residents of the farms. At each site there is a benefit, and therefore - and profits. This will increase the number of resources, and to ensure a decent life for the population. Care of gardens - one of the job vacancies, and it has a high degree of realism. Care, fertilizing, watering, harvesting for the season - all this will make your people. If desired, you can sow the crops of the field.

Features of the game project:
- In agriculture has the original game, an unusual scheme. All varieties of plants and trees require different care, as well as protection from the invasion of the wild beast.
- Changing weather conditions in the game takes place constantly. After sunny weather can occur abruptly rainy, and after a few days, even the snow could fall. Be prepared for a drought, because natural phenomenon can overtake at any time. Industrial water for irrigation and drinking should be you are always in stock.
- Your characters available illness as an ordinary person. In winter conditions more settlers infect each other different infections. Take care of the reception of vitamins and drugs, especially for poor settlement category. To reduce the incidence, your settlers have to eat right on the regime, because it is one of the most successful ways to combat the lack of vitamins, which means that numerous diseases.
- Switching modes - funny idea of ​​the sponsors. For example, now you're playing a first-person, and in a second you can switch to any character. This feature of the game is displayed in the trailer.
- The ecosystem - an important part of the game. Its state - one of the priorities for your settlement. Deforestation will lead to the death of animals, and then there will be unforeseen problems.
- The emotional state of the settlers - one of the most important key to your success and prosperity of the settlement. An increase or decrease of the population - a factor that reflects your approach and care for residents.

System requirements:
✔ Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
✔ Processor: Intel Core 2DUO or AMD 64 with at least 2 GHz
✔ Memory: 2 GB of RAM
✔ Video card: GeForce 460 / Radeon HD 5750
✔ Disk space: 1 GB

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