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Year: 2015

Genre: Strategy, Action

Developer: TT Games, Traveller's Tales

Size: 2.06 Gb

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Download game LEGO Worlds for free. In order to more clearly convey the essence of the game Minecraft really draw a parallel with the already became a legend designer. And thus, the company operating for the children to take the help of developers from Britain TT Games, which for decades create virtual worlds (LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game), and Warner Bros - publisher of America, has created his own project . Name it simple and saying - LEGO Worlds. This means that we will focus on the thousands and even millions of worlds that are created by players. Provided to help you tarraformirovanie, procedural generation, and it is said that all those who are fans of maynkrafta simply need to download the torrent LEGO Worlds for free on our website.

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What is interesting is that the game LEGO Worlds became available it was June 1, the day which marks the day of the child's protection. This is a wonderful gift! And as it turned out, not only for children but also for their parents. This game will be interesting for those who like to exercise their imagination. The player will be able to create the world of the game, even the Sahara or even Elbrus, you can try yourself in the role of the Eifel and build the Colosseum. And this is just a tiny example in comparison with the possibilities offered by the player. In order to realize the most incredible variety of ploys, materials and tools will be provided here.

Now let's imagine that you have already created their own world. It's time to enjoy each of its particles. In the real world, we often travel to move from using cars and planes. The game also has a lot of the usual modes of transport, but it is much more fun to ride on a fire-breathing dragon. All those who appreciate history, want to ride his own horse, and lovers of unusual decisions ride on the gorilla. You can also create their own in the virtual world any kind of transport and fantasy creatures. To make all your dreams are translated into reality, LEGO Worlds will provide an excellent opportunity to go on a treasure hunt.

The specifics of the game LEGO Worlds:
- There will not be without counteraction between good and evil! All who will inhabit your virtual world will be very different, with the change of conditions will change, and the characters;
- The choice of mode of transport will be presented to large, so you can watch the grazing horse, and beside her stood a tractor, and in the distance to see how a modern helicopter rushes for a fire-breathing dragon;
- There are entire island full of treasures, but in the game LEGO Worlds - it's worlds. You have to look for treasures, to use them to be able to create something more unusual;
- The editor contains already created all kinds of facilities, as well as material for the building;
- In the game you will meet a lot of familiar and completely new LEGO sets. Any childhood dream is now very simple to implement;
- All that you will create will be preserved - constructed buildings, landscaping can be transported from one world to another;
- And that is not all. At this point, the game appeared in the early access. Download LEGO Worlds torrent worth more because it will always appear a variety of different features and materials. All that is to be created, agreed with the player community.

Installation instructions:
- run LEGO_Worlds.ehe
- To change the language to in 3DMGAME.ini file in the parameter value to replace Language

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP3
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 512MB GPU with Shaders 3.0
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space

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