Download Knights and Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion PC Game 2001

Download Knights and Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion

Size to download: 654 MB. Version: v 1.58 SR2 (19286) [NEW VERSION]

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Memory: 256 MB
Processor: 1 Ghz

Graphics: 3D
OS: XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Year: 2001
Developer: Joymania Development
Version: v 1.58 SR2 (19286) [NEW VERSION]

Knights and Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion is a real-time strategy. In the game you need to extract materials, build construction, create an army and fight against the computer. This Tolel makes a big bias towards the development of the economy. Here it is necessary to establish production chains and recycle one products to another.

In the Russian localization, the TOLLL is called completely different - "Second Crown". This is a continuation of the game "War and Peace". Addon expanded the list of single cards and added another campaign, which consists of 14 missions. The number of primary resources has increased. To guilt, stone, gland, coal, gold, logs, grain added fish. Because of her, the profession of fisherman and a house for angler. From the new buildings there is still a market, siege workshop and municipality.

Warriors need to be trained from ordinary people and supply equipment. Workers also have to learn. Each type of units superior to some soldiers, but inferior to another. For example: swordsmen stronger than the speakers, but they pose a threat to the cavalry. All residents have an individual famine. The easiest people periodically throws their daily classes and go to Kharchevn to dine. But the army must be provided by food, sending a servant with a provisionant to the army. If you do not feed your subjects, they will die. You can still use the services of mercenaries. In expansion, available for hiring barbarians, militia, rebellion, Warriors, Squires, Bandits. All battles are held exclusively on land.

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