King under the Mountain

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Year: 2017

Genre: Strategy

Developer: Rocket Jump Technology

Size: 136 Mb

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Download King under the Mountain torrent pc for free. Computer game King under the Mountain expanded collection projects in the genre with sandbox fantasy world. Its setting and the gameplay can be compared to Prison Architect, as well as graphic design. You have to create a large settlement, its residents inhabit. In addition, you will be able to engage in research of the world, you can take over the management of certain parts of the settlement. Also available is the extraction of resources, and other things that will continue to be useful to you. Moving around the map, you'll meet a lot of enemies, to join with them in battle and battle.

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Your settlement can be of any kind, resemble gnomes base or a military base. Experienced warriors must be on a team with you, because you will progress through the story, and perform various tasks. The game world - the traditional sandbox, with a random creation and generation. Therefore, be prepared to be in a new place, to visit the new locations. Remember that, and there you will meet monsters and monsters.

Remember that only your host will be able to help you in a difficult situation, and you can only count on him. Take care of close cooperation with it. Giving orders - one of your responsibilities. Moreover, the command, you can not only soldiers, but also the settlers. They can be on your team to collect resources, digging mines and construction of buildings, manufacture of weapons and equipment. They can also create a farm, and much more. Actions will take place in real time. Do not forget about the natural disasters that can occur at any time. Your response can save a village.

Before a long journey, take care of the strengthening of their homes. To be safe, you have to use different resources, pre-assembled together with them. Prepare for the unexpected adventure, because they reward you with experience and help you get a lot of advantages.

The main feature of the game project lies precisely in the original adventures, because if they do not, the game would have been a boring and uninteresting. Another interesting thing in the game - the creation of independent locations and promote them. Of course, the need to act on someone else's card. Receive bonuses, awards and other gifts, a variety of your game. And you can get them for the study of other people's cards and settlements.

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