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Imagine Earth

Imagine Earth Strategy, Simulation download torrent

Year: 2015

Genre: Strategy, Simulation

Developer: Serious Brothers

Size: 297 Mb

Download Imagine Earth

Download Imagine Earth torrent pc for free. Players can get incredible pleasure from the new project created by developer Serious Brothers. The game was called Imagine Earth, which translated into Russian means "Imagine the Earth." It refers to the economic strategies of the sandbox. Getting to the game, the gamer is taken for the creation and development of its own civilization, but do not expect a simple and easy process. And all because you need to take care of the replenishment of resources, such as finance, energy, food, and more, without which humanity can not survive. In addition, we should not lose sight of the environmental situation. For example. Permanent destruction of forests leads to very bad consequences. Difficulties will add a variety of disasters, when they appear, it is necessary to respond urgently, otherwise just not be able to survive, and the whole civilization will be destroyed. Very exciting game, where you can enjoy everyone who decides to download the torrent Imagine Earth by using our gaming resource.

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On this your actions are not limited to, because of difficulties in the project developers have provided is not enough. For example, if the player completes the power resource, the deteriorating environment, and therefore, it is necessary to find alternative capable of replenishing resources. And to accomplish this, it is necessary to do research technologies. In short, the universe Imagine Earth will not give you time to get bored, because there are so many cases. And they call it the universe is not in vain, because it consists of a few planets, very beautiful and affordable for our civilization. But there are extraterrestrial civilizations, which carry a danger and a threat to your residents, because they want to dominate the universe.

Features Imagine Earth:
-Unlike other similar projects, flat cards are replaced with globes. From that, the game becomes more interesting and original.
-Gameplay represented campaign, which includes exciting the mission in an amount of 5 units.
-To your civilization developed actively, you will have 30 buildings, with each will be available some useful improvements.
-Be prepared for a variety of natural disasters, local and global. And each of them is represented by a very thoughtful and carries a specific function for humanity and the development of civilization.
-Natural disasters are represented in a wide range, and they are the result of human activities, and, more often wrong. The mood is getting worse because of the oil spills, forest fires, contamination by radioactive substances, awakened volcano, deforestation, global warming, and many others.
-The game also includes a sandbox mode. Here gamers available to create a planet, and then the development on their own unique civilizations.

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP (SP3) / 7/8
Processor: 1.5 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Video: 256 MB
HDD: 500 MB
DirectX: 10

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