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Size to download: 437.87 MB. Version: v 1.1 [NEW VERSION]

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Memory: 1 GB
Processor: Core 2 DUO E4300
Storage: 1.3 GB
Graphics: GeForce 6600
OS: XP, Vista, 7
Year: 2009
Developer: Paradox Development Studio
Version: v 1.1 [NEW VERSION]

Hearts Of Iron 3 - Strategy in Setting World War II. "Steel hearts 3" Presents global card. The main gameplay lies in the development of the state, creating a powerful army, the establishment of infrastructure and maintaining both diplomatic and hostilities with neighboring countries.

A period of time "Victory Day 3" covers from 1936 to 1948. The gameplay includes 160 countries and half-colonia, providing the opportunity to play for any of the parties to the conflict. The game is significantly improved by the recoil system of aviation orders, allowing to carry out the bombardment of one terrain. Parameter "Aggression" Changed on "Threat level", what makes it possible to declare war only to those states that exceed their "Neutrality".

Depending on the decisions made, you can bring your country to one of the Alliances: Allies - Association of Democratic Countries, such as England and France, Axis - Germany and Comintern - Communist States, such as USSR, Tuva and Mongolia. HEARTS OF IRON 3 game mechanics consist of several types: Map, Production, Armed Forces, Combat, Domestic Policy and Diplomacy:

  • The map includes 14,000 provinces on the continent and 4500 to the sea;
  • Weather conditions are represented by humidity, pressure and wind direction;
  • Production allows you to get a resource "raw oil", which is synthesized into energy and fuel;
  • Armed Forces are divided into brigades that are divided into 5 groups and having a parameter "Width Front";
  • Martial steps can be held on land, air and sea;
  • Domestic policy includes several parties characterized by degree of influence and popularity;
  • Diplomacy allows you to negotiate with capitulation powers, supporting their partisan movement.

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