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Download Generals: Art of War

Size to download: 559.95 MB. Version: v from 19.04.19

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Memory: 512 MB
Processor: 1,2 GHz and above

Graphics: 512 MB
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2019
Developer: Apex Point
Version: v from 19.04.19

Generals: Art of War gameplay is similar to "Viking", Only setting here modern. Visually the project resembles the old RTS on the PC of the beginning of the two-thousand. This real-time strategy and the PVP mode is always on. Attack others or encounter the need for defense at any time.

The goal of the game is to build an empire, uniting with other users against common enemies and sanguable enemies. To succeed, you need to develop your database and constantly accumulate resources: plastic, metal, silver, electricity and oil. In Generals: Art of War has built-in training in the form of a two-dimensional girl named Jane. She will give newcomers tips and tips on the first time.

There are many buildings of varying degrees of usefulness. Barracks stamps infantry, center Restoration eats fighters, plants with light and heavy equipment build appropriate cars. Military Academy Upgrades Armor, Tactic Command Center sends an army to the mission, and the research center opens up new technologies. At the Military Factory you can krafboard equipment. Intelligence management allows you to send the drone before attack. All of them can be upgraded, and this process is not tied to the level of the main building, as in other browser MMOs.

Resources are mined on the basis and on the map using the construction of the windmill, wells, two types of enterprises and houses. There is an opportunity to rob the points and attack the ownership of rivals. There are simple tasks in the game with the condition to build some particular object. For them give useful awards. The plot is absent. The user simply plays for one of the generals leading war. Your protege can be pumped. Also, it can be put in things that improve the parameters.

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