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Size to download: 266.49 MB. Version: V 5.1&# 58; Gold Edition

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Memory: 1024 MB
Processor: Pentium 4 - 2,0 GHz

Graphics: 128 MB, (Shader Model 2.0)
OS: XP, Vista, 7
Year: 2007
Developer: Paradox Development Studio
Version: V 5.1&# 58; Gold Edition

EUROPA UNIVERSALIS 3 - CHRONICLES Events cover Constantinople capture in 1453 and the Great French Revolution of 1789. V "Europe III. gold Edition" All previously extinguished additions were included: "Wars Napoleon", "Byzantium", "Great dynasty" and "Divine wind".

The main difference from the previous part is that many events in the game are not tied to history. Also, many historical personals are not standing at the head of the corner and replaced with ordinary people. In Europa Universalis 3 - Chronicles appeared the opportunity to start the game on any day. The main game feature has become national ideas that give certain advantages. They become available at a certain level of development and consist of 12 ideas that are divided into 5 categories: fleet, army, discoveries, management and culture.

Advisors are represented by the 6th levels, each of which has 12 specializations: a philosopher, naturalist, artist, politician, treasurer, army reformer or fleet, merchant, technologist, spy, adviser-colonist and diplomat. Shopping centers have become an essential element of the gameplay, t.To. all the profit is flown there not only from the city, but also the provinces. Colonize any province. When the population reaches 1000 units, the colony turns into a full-fledged city. Internal politics has several vectors: power of nobility, centralization, innovation, mercantilism, offensive, army, quality and serfdom.

In addition to fighting, there is a skill of diplomacy, with which you can agree with all states. You can take advantage of the right of marriage to enlist the union with a particular country. The army is divided into the following types of troops: infantry, cavalry and artillery and sea fleet. Faith is represented by 4 groups consisting of 12 religions: Christianity, Islam, Eastern religion and paganism.

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