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Size to download: 493 MB. Version: V ( [NEW VERSION]

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Memory: 512 MB
Processor: 1.8 ghz
Storage: 800 MB
Graphics: 3D
OS: XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Year: 2002
Developer: Sierra
Version: V ( [NEW VERSION]

EMPEROR: Rise of the Middle Kingdom refers to economic strategies and urban planning simulators. The game offers to rebuild and develop settlements, create production chains, to establish infrastructure and trade, meet the needs of citizens and protect them from enemies. If desired, you can pay off from the enemy. Available 4 types of troops. For their hiring you need to build forts. There is an opportunity to conclude unions with other parties and to put spies to them. For interaction with the rest of the cities there is a global map.

TOLLL "Emperor: Birth of the Middle Empire" It is considered to be a continuation of the third "Caesar". In the new game, the developers changed the ancient Roman setting on the ancient Chinese. Events unfold in different time periods and cover almost 3000 years, starting with the Xia dynasty and ending with the Mongolian invasion. There are campaigns and individual missions.

In this branch, housing is divided into home for rich and ordinary people. They differ in each other design and sizes. Buildings for commoners can not turn into buildings for the elite. In the rest "evolution" Houses remained. For example, when performing special masses, the hut becomes hut. Put objects as it can't. The project makes iteping the Feng Shui when thinking of quarters and logistics. Special indicators help to achieve harmony. There was an opportunity to control the movement of people by districts. For this there are outpasses and gates that transmit only certain inhabitants. Seasons affecting the development of agriculture were also introduced. When holidays happen, many citizens briefly cast their work and go to have fun. At such moments, production is suspended.

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