Download Dungeon Defenders: AWAKENED PC GAME 2020

Download Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Size to download: 2.86 GB. Version: V + 3 DLCS [NEW VERSION]

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Memory: 4 GB
Processor: Intel Core I3-3210 OR AMD FX-4350
Storage: 30 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 OR AMD RADEON HD 7750
OS: 10 (64-bit)
Year: 2020
Developer: Chromatic Games
Version: V + 3 DLCS [NEW VERSION]

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened - continuation of the franchise about the defenders of the dungeon. This is a cooperative Tower Defense with elements of action-RPG. It became even more prey, levels, pets and customization of characters. The game is designed ideally for 4 players. Players have to take control of the squire, hunter, student and magician and reflect the attacks of hundreds of minions. Build blockades, build towers, hide traps and superimpose various auras to keep ETERNIA Crystal safe. You only need to win, and the way depends on you.

The game has full customization of characters. You choose the gear, the appearance of the hero, where to build a defensive structure when and how. You can also pump the heroes at the same time, therefore Grinda in the game is almost no. But after the battle, the enemies will leave the mountains of various treasures. Available both simple types of equipment, like crossbows, staff and swords, and more exotic armaments, up to radiation swords and grenade launchers. And this diversity is bribed. As in most Hack'n'slash RPG, where the players always tried to get the best equipment, so and here you will choose to dig in your inventory, looking for the most lacrimal items and with the same greed to destroy all the monsters for even coolest gear.

The graphics from the time of the previous game it has been kept, but the branded visual style of the game remained the same, so the picture will be enjoyed both beginners and veterans. Another pleasant bonus for experienced players will be the presence of cards from the previous game, which significantly chewed and cause pleasant nostalgia. New cards are withstanding in the same stylist and do not rush. Yes, and the basis of the gameplay remained the same, but he covered with new features and mechanics.


  • The combination of action-RPG and Tower Defence.
  • 4 hero with their unique skills.
  • Customization of characters.
  • Mountain mining.
  • The most diverse and exotic weapon.
  • Cooperative up to 4 players.


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