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Size to download: 39 MB. Version: v 1.0 (20796) [New Version]

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Memory: 512 MB
Processor: 1.8 ghz
Storage: 10 Mb
Graphics: 3D
OS: XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Developer: Master Designer Software
Version: v 1.0 (20796) [New Version]

Defender of the Crown tolerates users in the middle of the XI century. Normans attack in England. The situation aggravates the death of the king. This caused a desire to compete for control over the state. User fights on the side of the Saxon. At the same time allies can betray gameimers.

Thaletl can be attributed to step-by-step strategies. To win the game, you need to subjugate all the Norman castles. In Defender of The Crown there is a selection of characters. All of them 4. The first hero is allocated by leadership, the second one owns the sword, the third skillfully drives his riding, and the fourth did not succeed in anything concrete. All three skills are available to him, but he is inferior to the remaining three knights.

Events unfold on a strategic map. She is divided into provinces. They are allowed to hire troops. Money is earned in two ways. You can collect taxes from the inhabitants and make raids for robbery. In this product, the player is able to capture. Then you have to spend an impressive amount to buy yourself. There is still nonlinearity here. To get interestingly interested, it is not necessary to send a troops there. You can call the owner on the knightly duel and pick up the enemy lands in case of success. The siege and capture the soldiers of the enemy.

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