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Memory: 128 MB
Processor: III 450 MHz
Storage: 460 MB
Graphics: 16 Mb
OS: 95/98 / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / 7
Year: 2002
Developer: Funatics Development
Version: v 1.05 [NEW VERSION]

Cultures 2: Become God - an economic strategy with 11 plot scenarios telling about different heroes and events. Passage begins with how the Vikings return to Greenland after traveling Leif Erixon. After the end of the first part, the Vikings occupy more territories of Europe and the Middle East. It all starts from the 11th century, when the protagonist overtakes the vision of Ragnarök (the last battle, where he suffers defeat).

After Greenland, in Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard there are 10 more scenarios taking place in Normandy, England, Italy, Alexandria and Baghdad. The remaining stories tell about the imperial hunt, the Battle of Byzantium and the Vigrid Valley. The last chapter is presented in the form of a video and named "Battle". In the course of the passage, the central character will face other heroes joining it.

Main characters in Cultures 2: Enemy Asgard:

  • Bjarni - Protagonist, and acquaintance with him begins with his vision about the battle with the powerful snake Midgard. After that, the ward goes into a dangerous adventure to get to other skillful fighters.
  • Sigurd joins Bianci after contractions in one of the Utnes of Italy. He sticks with a spear, wears heavy armor and shield.
  • Kira - girl, equipped with leather armor and long bow.
  • Yurmungand - a demon called by Ragnarook, who must fulfill the purpose and destroy the outside world. It is with him that the main characters must fight and defeat him.
In the gameplay, the Uzer is to manage the Vikings and special characters. Wards have 5 characteristics: health, energy, resistance, religiosity and social status. Levels will need to manage resources: provisions, stone, wood, gold, iron, marble, oil, clay and many other. Materials are necessary for building buildings, trade, diplomacy, research and content of citizens.

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