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Year: 2012

Genre: RTS

Developer: Paradox Development Studio

Size: 1.72 Gb

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Free download Crusader Kings 2 torrent. How do you react to the fact, to write their own version of the history of the Middle Ages? Events related to the taking of London Norman invaders, or the conquest of Constantinople by the Turks, and many other, no less significant events you will be able to interpret in their own way. You can become the head of one of the ruling dynasties and make it its most influential. For this Crusader Kings 2 torernt enough to download and select those most sympathize with - the family of Rurik, the Habsburgs, Kappetiningov or another dynasty, became famous in those dark times. The game is filled with a mass of famous historical figures.

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You have to choose tactics - focus on intrigues and conspiracies, or honest diplomacy, Parti for their offspring or to the conduct of foreign and domestic wars. As for the last point, all the battles take place in real time, but you can make tactical pause. Do not forget about good education of his successors, engaged in public affairs. It depends on them future success of your dynasty. If it is interrupted, your party will be complete. All just as in real history - the plots and scandals can play with you a malicious joke.
Start your journey you will be able to with the title of baron, count, duke, king or emperor, it all depends on what area you are. The use of other titles. The boundaries of your territory - domains, depending on your location and some unique qualities. By the way, the principle of "Bigger is better" is not always work in your favor. You should not be greedy, it may result in loss of income and the rebellion of vassals. Share your land, but do it gently as possible. Remember the cardinal rule - "vassal of my vassal - not my vassal". The world is full of trickery and deception, everyone is trying to do everything to the superior power weakened.

Features of the project Crusader Kings 2:
- Incredibly fascinating history lessons, in the scenery of Medieval Europe XI-XV centuries. You will learn all the nuances of the art of weaving intrigues and conspiracies, marriages of convenience and sophisticated diplomacy.
- Even very talented ruler will not be able to maintain their dynasty, if his heirs will be foolish and short-sighted. You must take responsibility for the education of the future owner of the throne. We'll have to take care of its future solvency of the party.
- You can communicate with many of the great historical figures, including William I the Conqueror Karl Veliky, Alfred Veliky, Harold II Godwinson and Aleksey I Komnin. Prepare to be that with some of them you can not avoid a sharp confrontation.

Features repack:
- simple installer;
- original soundtrack;
- DLS updated (as of 07.03.2017);
- 2.7.0 version of the game;
- set fashion: Lite-version of localization of the guild strategium translators;
- Additional software: DirectX, DotNet, vcredist.

Add-ons (DLC):
- Rajas of India
- Songs of India
- Saxon Unit Pack
- Finno-Ugric Unit Pack
- Songs of Yuletide
- Sons of Abraham
- Military Orders Unit Pack
- Warriors of Faith Unit Pack
- Hymns of Abraham
- Customization Pack
- Europa Universalis IV Converter
- Dynasty Shield III
- celtic Portraits
- Celtic Unit Pack
- The Old Gods
- norse Portraits
- Norse Unit Pack
- Hymns to the Old Gods
- The Republic
- mediterranean Portraits
- Songs of Prosperity
- Songs of the Rus
- Portraits
- Unit Pack
- Sunset Invasion
- Legacy of Rome
- Byzantine Unit Pack
- Dynasty Shield II
- african Portraits
- Songs of Byzantium
- Sword of Islam
- African Unit Pack
- Songs of the Caliph
- Ruler Designer
- Songs of the Holy Land
- Songs of Faith
- Songs of Albion
- Dynasty Shields
- mongol Faces
- Turkish Unit Pack
- Turkish Portraits
- Persian Unit Pack
- Persian Portraits
- Charlemagne
- Early Western Clothing Pack
- Early Eastern Clothing Pack
- Dynasty Shields Charlemagne
- Tales of Treachery
- Iberian Unit Pack
- Iberian Portraits
- Way of Life
- Horse Lords Collection:
- Orchestral House Lords
- Horse Lords Content Pack
- Horse
- Viking Metal (Music pack)
- Conclave Content Pack
- Conclave
- South Indian Portraits
- Ebook
- The Reaper's Due
- The Reaper's Due Content Pack
- Full Plate Metal
- Hymns of Revelation
- Monks and Mystics
- South Indian Portraits 5 Year Anniversary Gift

System requirements:
✔ Operating system: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
✔ Processor: Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500+
✔ Memory: 2 GB of RAM
✔ Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon X1900

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