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Download Cossacks: EUROPEAN WARS

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Memory: 64 MB
Processor: Pentium II 233

Graphics: 3D
OS: 95, 98, 2000 7, 8, 10
Year: 2001
Developer: GSC Game World
Version: Full Last Release

COSSSACKS Events: European Wars will cover the period of 17-18 centuries, where it is to participate in bloody fights between the countries of Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Prussia, Austria, Sweden, England, France and many other countries. Total B "Cossacks: European Wars" 16 warring fractions. All buildings, weapons and army is based on historical data. Military tactics are built on the study of the strengths and weaknesses of each country: England has a strong sea fleet, Austria has a strong cavalry and t.D.

The campaign contains 4 scenariOS:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean - English campaign, allowing to visit the Bermuda, Land of Jamaica, Panama and Colombia, as well as take part in battles with pirates, the Netherlands and Spain.
  • War for Independence - Ukrainian Scenario, represented by Zaporizhzhi Cossacks opposing Tatars. The rebellion of Khmelnitsky, Pavlyuk and many other battles to be held.
  • In the service of the Cardinal - a French story that has increasing the events of the thirty-year war, Perpignan and Roccua.
  • The window to Europe is a Russian campaign that covers such dates like the Crimean campaigns, Stepan Razin, Northern War and T.D.
In addition to Cossacks: European Wars also has two more modes: single game and random cards. The first mode contains 10 missions where you can customize the level of complexity. The second is represented by random parameters: map size, type of terrain, climate, number of deposits and t.D. The gameplay contains the transition between the XVII and XVIII century, if a number of conditions are performed, such as building certain structures and the number of resources. Units can produce wood, food, stone, gold, iron and coal.

Despite the fact that the number of resources necessary for each power may vary, mainly it is necessary to get 50,000 meals, 10,000 gold, 5,000 iron and build barracks, academy, stable, depot, market and cathedral. Some mechanics are directly tied to resource extraction. For example, if there is no coal, then the warriors and the catapults will not be able to shoot with fiery shells, and mercenaries will refuse to act as an allied, if you stop paying salary.


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