Download Cosmoteer: StarShip Architect & Commander PC Game

Download Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Amp; Commander

Size to download: 173.49 MB. Version: V 0.15.16B | Early Access [New Version]

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Memory: 4 GB
Processor: Dual Core (2 GHz)
Storage: 150 MB
Graphics: 512 MB
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Developer: Walternate Realities
Version: V 0.15.16B | Early Access [New Version]

Cosmoteer: StarShip Architect & Commander is a simulator that allows you to construct your own star. When creating a ship, modules, weapons, shields, engines, compartments and much more are installed. Go to conquer the galaxy, fighting with enemies and opening new tools for building a powerful space shuttle.

The toolkit includes a huge number of features and a convenient interface in which even a beginner will understand. When building a ship, it is necessary to accommodate the crew and attendants. Gaming process Cosmoteer: StarShip Architect & Commander does not contain any restrictions when creating a combat vessel, so the game allows you to fully give the will of fantasy and reveal the engineer's skills to full. You can deal with castomization of appearance, setting the color of the case, surface texture, adding logos, drawings and stickers. The color of the ship and scenery does not affect the parameters and serve exclusively for aesthetic pleasure and unique appearance.

The crew may consist of hundreds and thousands of personnel units, depending on the size and complexity of your shuttle. The effectiveness of the combat vessel depends on the staff of the staff, because people are engaged in ammunition, management, repair modules and t.D. Dolls are controlled by artificial intelligence and everyone knows its business. If you need to make a shot, then you need to carefully consider the planning of the ship, because the service personnel is required from the warehouse ammunition and T.NS. Action efficiency depends only on competent layout.

With battles you can destroy individual modules and parts of the ship. When the explosion is applied damage to neighboring compartments. The player is the hunter for heads, walking his goals and destroying them for money. For victory over the enemies, bonuses and means are accrued to improve. Multiplayer mode is available, allowing you to fight against seven players.

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